Eating Healthy: The Magic Diet Fix

If I were given the option to eat a burger with some fries or a salad, you better believe I’m going to choose… BOTH. I’m not afraid to eat, especially because I’m breastfeeding and my hunger knows no bounds. I just ate dinner, a whole chicken breast and a side of green beans, but I can’t stop thinking about the vegan cookies from Whole Foods or the Oreos chilling in the cabinet.

I love health and I’m fascinated with the connection between food and our bodies. For instance, our food literally becomes our blood and skin, each individual cell is HUNGRY for macro and micronutrients. It’s no wonder as to why I feel so darn guilty when I add creamer to my coffee or when I stuff my face with cookies… My relationship with food suffers (hardcore) even though I know a lot about nutrition. “For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I want to do.”-Romans 7:19- Now Paul isn’t calling the brownies that I made last week evil, but to me sweets are the enemy.

So if I’m over here struggling why am I trying to impart any ounce of wisdom to you? Well, I have hit the jackpot in my journey to health with one simple word… BALANCE. So you can have that cake, maybe not the whole thing though. How do I implement balance?

1. I make healthy choices at the start of my day. Two eggs (sometimes with some veggies) and two slices of toast, the healthy kind with the seeds. It’s easier to mess up right off the bat and give in to defeat.
2. I eat healthy meals. Three out of three meals a day are healthy, except the times when I splurge. My family eats a lot of chicken, vegetables, and rice.
3. Eat your dessert but watch your portions. If you fully restrict yourself you will give in and then fail. If you fail one time you will feel too far gone and then you will give up completely.
4. Learn to cook yummy but healthy meals. Pinterest is a great tool and so are your friends. Find 6 recipes, get comfortable using them and then you will have a plan for every grocery trip and for every meal.
5. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT and I saved it for last: CHANGE ONE THING AT A TIME. Don’t shock your body with a juice cleanse, honey, cause Kale smoothies are gross and you know it. Once you smell the greasy fries from the McDonalds across the street you will get so hungry you can’t think and then all of a sudden you will have two Big Macs in both of your hands…

Our brains are very clever and we often decide something before we even know it (I see you subconscious, making my life easier but also hard at the same time). Right now I literally can’t stop thinking about those dang cookies and I will probably eat a second one today… my mind is weak, okay? That is why %80 of my choices are healthy so I have %20 left to fall on when I ultimately slip up.

You don’t have to be perfect to be healthy. Just drink more water, eat real food (avoid packages- unless its a package of Oreos), and eat good meals so you can eat really good desserts.


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