What A Typical Day Looks Like

Just when Taylor got into a really good work schedule and we were starting to get comfortable, the military decided to change it up. Got to keep us on our toes, ya know? So right now (for a few more days) we are enjoying having daddy home for three days a week, he says four but I don’t count the training day as part of his weekend. When Taylor is working, our days go a little like this:

7 am, the little boy wakes up and Taylor lets me sleep in.

Around 9 or 10, depending on Ellie’s night feedings, I wake up and eat breakfast.

Taylor gets ready for work at 10 and that’s when I take over. Usually I get myself dressed after I eat so I can get the kids dressed too. If I don’t do this, we probably won’t leave and I’ll decide to be extra lazy, so getting everyone dressed is the key to me being on top of things, including the house.

Around 11 Dalton gets a snack and if he’s fussy he goes down for a nap. Usually his nap is at 1 but I’ve been changing it around because he’s been waking up much earlier. Once he’s down, I relax or clean. Chances are you will find me doing dishes…. because they NEVER stop piling in our sink. And to those of you that have a dishwasher, I am super jelly.

I try to eat before he wakes up and when Ellie is asleep but my food goes cold (it actually stays cold because I don’t use my microwave unless I need to heat up rice – so it sits there). Then Dalton wakes up around 1 or 2 and eats lunch. If he goes down for a nap later he eats before.

After he eats I try to find a reason to leave the house. Trips to fast food places with a jungle gym, Target, a park – which I avoid because Ellie can’t wear sunscreen yet, or the beach – I usually avoid this too because of the sand. It has been difficult for me to leave without my husband because of my anxiety, but I do it anyways because he won’t always be here to help.

We get home around 4 or 5, so Dalton plays while I write, read, or take care of his sister. He eats dinner around 6:30 or 7, takes a bath and this is usually when Ellie starts getting fussy so it’s really hectic trying to get him ready for bed.

After he goes down at 8, I try to eat dinner, try is the key word here. Ellie has intense witching hours and at this point I’m so low on energy it makes for a FUNNNN time. Once she falls asleep I eat and watch YouTube. Taylor gets home around 10 which is my bed time so we catch up on our days and I go to sleep. But sleep is always interrupted by a little girl that needs milkies. She wakes up at 2 and 5, sometimes stirs once or twice more, but she latches and we both fall back asleep. She’s a really great sleeper, giving me up to 5 hour stretches some nights, otherwise I would be a zombie.

Then the next day starts and we do it all over again. Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed (and this is when Umi Zoomi or another kids show comes in handy), both kids crying, both needing diaper changes, needing food at the same time, but this season will fly by. Ellie will eventually be Dalton’s age and Dalton will be trading baby talk for actual words. Right now I just take it day by day and love on my babies while they are still babies.


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