Finding A Foothold

Yesterday was such an adventure and it wouldn’t have been possible without my new friend. There are certain places that are difficult or impossible to go to without another pair of hands. Ala Moana beach park is one of them. While I stayed on the shore, watching over Ellie and making sure she was completely shielded from the sun, Dalton and my friend played in the water. It was so much fun to see him interact with nature and learn. Something he didn’t get to do much of during my pregnancy (Mom guilt).

The not so fun part for me is initially leaving the house, facilitating diaper changes in strange places, parking, and trying to keep my babies safe – such as keeping Ellie from getting a sunburn. And of course I ran out of water, so on the way home my anxiety was higher than usual. Not only do I like to avoid driving to places farther than 2 miles from home, I also get anxious about not having water and food.

But yesterday gave me more confidence as each trip usually does. The more I do things I am afraid of, the easier it is for me to realize that I survive the uncomfortable side effects of my anxiety.

Check out this surreal view that my family gets to call home! One of the things that calms me is nature, especially the ocean, especially THIS gentle beach.

To all the moms that get out of the house, I salute you. It isn’t easy but it’s always worth it when the day is done. And to my friend, thank you for helping me.

Thank you for reading❤️


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