My Postpartum Exercise Plan

I can’t wait to be cleared to exercise again at my 6 week PP doctor appointment. I’ve started a few exercises to heal my diastasis recti and strengthen my pelvic floor. If you have an abdominal separation (which you can check for by lying on the ground and lifting your head up a bit, then place your finger where your belly button is and feel for a gap), it is best not to do planks, sit ups, crunches, etc. This can separate the abs further. The exercises I am doing are mainly on the floor, no torso movement, and only legs. They also require a certain breathing pattern – deeply in and lowering the leg on the exhale (I would look these up on Pinterest). It is very important to strengthen the transverse abdominal muscles – think back to middle school when you sucked your tummy in to show off your ribs (Not the 6 pack abdominal muscles). A few others I can think of are hip thrusts, heel drops, and heel touches. Squats and lunges are also safe, thank goodness.

The exercises I plan on doing:

-Squats 50-100 a day until I can increase

-Cycling or walking for 15-30 minutes

-Arm exercises using 5 pound dumbbells

-15-20 reps of each exercise that can close my abs. {everyday}

It will take awhile for my body to heal so I plan on keeping things light with minimal impact until I am stronger.

Certain yoga positions that I deem safe, as well as using exercise bands will help me to add some variety.

Remember it takes 9 months to meet your baby and we aren’t fully healed from this until around 12 months postpartum! Give yourself grace if you have lost strength and muscle tone and remember how incredible your body truly is!

Thanks for reading ❤️


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