Loving My Postpartum Body

If you’re anything like me, things are looking different…

My belly is extra squishy, my stretch marks are now able to rest (no more stretching), and I’m carrying some extra weight in my thighs and hips.

Since this is my second time around, I figured I would shed a little light into the MIRACLE you were just a part of. Maybe then you will be able to look at what’s “damaged” and learn to revere your postpartum body.

With my firstborn I was shocked to find out that I had been exercising wrong and my belly got so huge that my abdominal muscles separated (diastasis recti). This caused my belly button to herniate… which it still is. I didn’t find exercises to close the separation until I was pregnant again. What I don’t understand is that the doctor during my postpartum visit only mentioned it, but didn’t refer me to see a physical therapist.

Fast forward to now, I was at my daughter’s first doctor appointment when the doctor told me I may be able to fix the hernia by closing my abdominal muscles. If that doesn’t work it requires surgery. Honestly though, I am still struggling with this imperfection. The thing I am almost self conscious about is my belly button! But there are other moms out there that have this problem too.

I have learned to love my stretch marks this pregnancy. But when I was just a few days postpartum I was obsessed with searching #stretchmarks to see if anyone out there had the kind that I do. The ones that are on the center of my belly, not hidden on my sides, but in the open for everyone to see.

Luckily, I found a sense of pride in them after awhile. Most mommas out there have them! We should all see them as a SIGN of what our bodies did. They stretched to create room for an actual human that grows up to speak, learn, and love…

Now the weight that we all gain, this weight is actually stored to use as energy for feeding your baby. Your body was created to use it produce milk and this milk is tailored to your babies needs (colostrum contains antibodies that are transferred to baby)! How crazy is that?

My whole point is that you may not love your body right now, even I struggle sometimes, but you should. My body will never look like it did before my babies, my boobs sag, I have extra skin, tiger marks, belly button probs, but I created TWO HUMANS (and only a sperm was donated to make this happen – sorry guys, mommas do the work and deserve all the credit).

Dalton – 1 Month Old

Ellie – 1 Month Old

And isn’t the body more than just skin? We are living and feeling beings (that too is a miracle). Guess what? Our bodies get old and break down, eventually everyone’s skin begins to sag. Don’t waste a single breathe stuck in comparison, love your body now.

The truth is, we all have scars that tell a story. Your story is miraculous, that you created life.


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