A Few Anxiety Hacks

I’m less than four weeks away from giving birth to my daughter so I’m doing all that I can to prepare myself mentally.

I wish I didn’t have to put this much work into coaxing my thoughts away from fear, but I’m basically doing it all.

So let’s talk about these hacks (some I have mentioned already, but they are just THAT good):

  1. Find a good book. Think Good and Live Fearless are my favs. I am halfway through Think Good and I am loving the mind/God connection I am growing.
  2. Breathing deeply for at least 5 minutes. I was watching this Youtube video on how to lower blood pressure immediately which I will need throughout my stay at the hospital because of white coat hypertension. My goal is to try this at least twice a day and anytime I start feeling uncontrollable anxiety.
  3. Crack open that Bible and pray over your fears-EVERY TIME. Look up keywords such as peace, faith, love, hope, joy, surrender… AND every anxious thought that pops up in your head or every time you feel your heart beat faster and your chest tighten, send a prayer to the Lord.
  4. A good podcast.
  5. Songs, peaceful songs that speak to your fears.
  6. Positive thinking. A bad thought pops in your head, what do you do? Speak some truth over it!
  7. Get out in nature. I have been meaning to go to the beach and the pool for weeks but it’s been rainy or too cold, which I’m not complaining. The longer it stays cold here the better because it gets verrryyyy hot in this apartment (85 degrees).
  8. Find a good distraction such as uplifting friends, cleaning and decluttering, exercise, playing with your child… Cleaning to me is usually very therapeutic. Right now I’m a little lazy and unmotivated so most days it isn’t, but that’s just me as a preggo.
  9. GET SOME SLEEP. 7-8 hours. For me it’s like 10-12 but I get up to pee like every hour so it doesn’t truly count.
  10. Eat some veggies, some fruits, some whole grains or legumes. Your body runs off of food, makes your blood and cells from food, so make some healthier choices for your next meal.

Things to stay away from:

  1. Google.
  2. Web MD.
  3. Social Media… I list this because I try to escape with a screen. I am really trying to not do this. Yes I posted that blog about a change in my life but the truth is is that I have fallen into the screen trap again. Trying to get out. Send prayers. But really, I am actually trying a 7 day social media cleanse. You should try it out with me.
  4. OVERTHINKING ENDLESSLY. This is my struggle. This is where I get all of those voices in my head telling me that I can’t face my fears. The truth is is that you have to face them or you will be giving the power to fearful thought that is probably not true and that will keep you from living a joyful life.

I just want you to know that I am praying for you.

Please share this blog post, leave a comment, follow my site so that this can reach as many people as it can. You aren’t alone, there is hope, and I am proof. Why you ask? Because I am still finding joy in my struggle with fear and because I am learning to live my life to the fullest no matter how hard anxiety tries to stop me.


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