My Motherhood Struggles

I’m very thankful for the season of motherhood I’m in right now. I know that it’s coming to a close and that there are going to be tough times ahead balancing a toddler and a newborn. To me, there was nothing more rough than the newborn stage. I was waking up every 1-2 hours, learning to breastfeed, and learning to take care of a human for the first time in my life. I know it will be difficult, but it goes by so quickly and it is such an amazing time that should be cherished.

I find myself looking back at those squishy baby photos, longing to see Dalton in that stage again, if only for a moment. There aren’t words to describe what it is like to see your child grow up. Each day passed and brought us to now, and it is so exciting but it’s time that you can’t get back. So bittersweet. I will say that toddlerhood is easier because my child sleeps through the night, has a schedule, can feed himself, and can play/entertain himself when I need to get stuff done.

My biggest struggles with Dalton are the tantrums and beginning to discipline. My husband and I started to discipline him a few months ago. He is just now getting to the stage where he understands a little of what we are saying. When I tell him no in a stern voice, he listens (kinda, not always). But it’s a lot of work to stay consistent. If he throws his spoon on the floor and thinks it’s funny, I can’t just laugh along with him because we have previously established that he shouldn’t throw things.

I really love that he is beginning to copy Taylor and I. When I vacuum, sweep, mop, brush my teeth or my hair, Dalton copies what I do. I am trying to teach him how to be a little self-sufficient, with my help along the way of course. Some good things to practice with your child this age are brushing hair, teeth, cleaning up a spill on the floor, and putting away toys. I’m also trying to teach him how to put on his slide on shoes but I think it’s a little to early for that. I want to instill in my children that helping around the house is a part of life, that way they won’t be surprised when they are adults and have to do all of these things on their own. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want them to sacrifice play for chores. I just really want to create a healthy balance and teach them responsibility. By the way, it’s really interesting to be talking in terms of two, because there will be more than one child in 5 weeks time!

I bought Dalton a mini Dyson vacuum and cleaning set for Christmas and he loves to play with them. Another issue I struggle with is finding the desire to sit on the floor and play with him. This is easier for Taylor because he doesn’t have a basketball attached to his belly. I feel like I wouldn’t struggle with this so much if I wasn’t pregnant. The first trimester I was nauseous, the second I was exhausted and I was in college, and now I can’t even bend down without wondering if I can get back up. Regardless, I shouldn’t make any excuses. I think I need to buy him more educational toys and flashcards… Amazon to the rescue! I can just imagine him sitting next to me on the couch, going through flashcards or doing a puzzle while I hold Ellie… (obviously it’s going to be super chaotic and probably won’t end up the way I picture it).

I really am loving this time with my son. It’s rough to make it through the day but only because my mental health is suffering and I’m exhausted. It’s all about to change within a matter of weeks so I’m trying to soak it all in. I was meant to be a mom, I didn’t think that I would be a mom of two so soon but I’m surprised by how natural and right it feels…


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