The Beginning of it All (Pt. 2)

Our relationship was never dramatic, we both trusted one another wholeheartedly, and we had a very healthy relationship that was built on getting to know one another. We weren’t focused on the physical until much later. Our foundation was built and I truly believe that it kept us from ever separating or over complicating things. That was what worked for us and obviously the physical side of our relationship did come a little later, but we were ready for that (out of high school even).

During the summer, before we went to college (I followed him to the out of state college he was going to and as you will see later, I will be following him for the rest of our lives – military), his family took me on a trip to Europe. Our first day in Paris, right in front of the Eiffel Tower, he got down on one knee asked me to be his wife. I wanted nothing more than to live the rest of my life with him so I said YES. We were 18 years old at the time!!!

Fast forward to Arkansas, we hated the college we went to so we moved to Georgia (his parents had to relocate there during the second semester of high school). I went back to school and he worked. We were planning a wedding when our plans changed. I won’t get into it because I understand the intentions of this person’s decision that changed our future for the better. I mean really, if his decision could change our wedding plans it really shows you that we didn’t have money or resources to change the circumstance, which is why we decided our next course of action.

That day we were given an ultimatum, but we didn’t take either option we were given. We invented a new plan – Taylor would immediately enlist in the Air Force. So he did.

A few weeks before he was about to leave for basic training we went camping with his family in Texas. Taylor and I were in the trailer talking about when we wanted to get married, all jokes aside I said why don’t we get married now. We went to get our marriage license, a waiver to speed up the process so we didn’t have to wait three days, and the next day we had a courthouse wedding (6/19/15) – we were 19 years old.

I got married to the love of my life on a whim and I’m here to say that I have no regrets. I love our story and I always thought I would want a wedding, but it hasn’t even crossed my mind. About two weeks later he left for basic training and I was HEARTBROKEN. We basically saw each other everyday for the first two years of our relationship. I would write him a letter everyday and I kept myself busy by earning a health coaching certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It was a long two months, but we were shortly reunited when he graduated.

The next hurdle was tech school, where he had to train for five months. Luckily the training was in San Antonio, Texas so I was able to visit him sometimes. Sometime toward the end of his training, we decided it would be time to start a family. I don’t know why we thought this was a good idea, especially considering that we probably only had a thousand dollars in our bank account but it was a God thing. On January 6, 2016 I found out I was pregnant and I told Taylor over FaceTime that he was going to be a daddy!

Twenty days later we were on our way to our first duty station where we have been for two years.


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