The Beginning of it All (Pt. 1)

{A little story about how my husband, Taylor, and I met and fell in love}

Our story didn’t begin in a small town in Texas, but actually in the city of Katy. I was a student at a small private school from first through seventh grade. Before I moved onto public school, I met the future love of my life. My last year at that private school I made my first and only memory of Taylor and his sister. I asked them if they were twins because they looked so much alike, but I found it odd that they weren’t in the same grade. They told me no, and that is all I remember.

A few years later, I was working in a cafe across the street from my school. It was in the middle of summer before my junior year and I was waiting on a table of familiar faces. As I walked up, I asked Taylor if he remembered me. He said he didn’t but then I mentioned the private school we used to go to and the only memory I had of him. As it turns out, he did remember me – the emo wannabe seventh grader that wore too much eyeliner – and he was new in town.

It was such an odd coincidence, from one small school to another small school, a random town… During junior year we would always say hi to each other in the lunch line or sometimes in the hall. It wasn’t until senior year that our story really started. I knew that Taylor had plans to go to another college in another state and that he planned to join the military afterwards. So when his sister invited me to a lock in at a church in Alvin, I decided I would go. We had a lot of fun and on the way back home Taylor and I talked while everyone else fell asleep.

A few weeks later he asked me out on a date to see a movie and at first I said yes. I ended up calling him back and cancelling because I was also talking to another guy… (yes another guy) but I knew that relationship was going nowhere. The one hesitation I had about Taylor is that he was already planning for a future that made it difficult to be a part of (Arkansas and Military). My heart breaks every time I think about turning down my future husband.

I could have missed out on the love of my life, but this incredible guy decided to ask me out again. Turns out, the other guy was done with me and decided to tell Taylor he should ask me out again if he still liked me. Fate, better known as God’s handiwork, was taking place. Our first date was with his sister and friend at the county fair. We had so much fun walking around and listening to the country music. That night as he dropped me off at home he walked me to my door and then asked me to homecoming. Of course I said yes.

Homecoming came and went and a day or two later we went on our first official date to Brio’s. We talked about family, had a conversation about salt and pepper, and had a great time getting to know one another. We would talk in the halls during school and I would marvel at his bright blue eyes and muscles that had been sculpted by two-a-days during summer (#7).

He finally asked me out after a month of “talking”. He was walking me to my car and I could tell it was coming. He was nervous, I was nervous, he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes (10/23/13). From then on we were inseparable. I would hang out with him and his family all the time, we went to church together, went to school together, ate lunch together… basically if we had free time we wanted to spend it with one another.

I knew pretty soon into the relationship that I was falling in love with him. In December, during a camping trip, he told me that he loved me for the first time. I remember how my heart felt at that moment, like it was overflowing with joy and that it was about to burst. I loved him too and I told him so.



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