I Did Three Scary Things Today

I did three scary things today and I made it out alive.

  1. Today I went to the doctor for a routine OB checkup. I hate getting my blood pressure taken – it gives me a mini anxiety attack and my heart races. But today my fears weren’t as strong because I have been going to the doctor so often, facing those fears. And today, after taking it two times, my blood pressure was normal! I did have a derealization episode while I was talking to the doctor, my vision went 2D and my heart started to race but I breathed through it and I felt better within minutes.
  2. I had to get a shot. I really don’t like taking medications that make me feel sleepy or groggy or change my vision. This is because of my anxiety attacks and it gives me a sense of being out of control. I was scared to get this shot basically because of my fear of any medication other than Tylenol. But it was quick and easy.
  3. Lastly, I went to the store. The store really brings my derealization alive but I continue to do it because, well, FOOD.

I didn’t do any of this alone. I’m not ready for that yet. I’m also super pregnant and exhausted so I’m not going to try to face these fears by myself until I am getting good sleep which I am hoping will help with my derealization episodes (won’t be for months with baby girl).

I wrote this as a means to encourage you if you have fears like I do, or are scared of anything in general. If you don’t face these fears they grow and grow until they are insurmountable.

If you have anxiety, face those fears head on. Don’t let them trap you and keep you from living. You can do it – face one of your fears today but make sure you have someone to support you through it. One day we will be able to do these things alone but for now, just take the next step.


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