A Change In My Life

Every single day I would wake up and do the same thing… turn on the TV, stare at my phone, just waiting for some motivation to be a better mom to my son. Part of the reason was that I was sick in the first stages of pregnancy, but the not so ugly side was that I was addicted to social media and if I wasn’t on social media I needed to watch TV. My guilt was at an all time high but I felt powerless to the call of my cell phone. I had to know where it was AT. ALL. TIMES. I didn’t feel right about my life, was this all that I was going to remember when I was on my deathbed? I started by taking my son to the small park in my apartment complex everyday for 30 minutes, and this led to an even deeper change. I wrote a list called Productive Days, on it was 5 things: School Work, Exercise, Bible Study, Podcast, and Cleaning. My goal was to set my phone on the table and only look at it to turn on a podcast. I was also not going to turn on the TV. I found that I could make time for everything on the list, and the rest of the time was spent with my son, playing with him, talking to him, or just sitting quietly while he played. Of course spending time with Dalton wasn’t last on my list, or least important because I didn’t put it on my list. It was the most important, most time consuming part of my day and when I couldn’t deal with the silence any longer I would be able to take the steps to better myself and do my job as a house wife, slowly knocking these things off my list. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that exhaustion causes you to lack motivation. I am a Type A, motivated personality, unless I am building a baby, which is SUCH hard work. Anyways, I am embarrassed to say that this change only came about a month ago, but it is exactly why I am writing today. I want to be productive, I want my life to be filled with meaning, because it leads to inspiration like this and ultimately it leads to growth. I have grown as child of God, as a wife, as a mom, and as a person. I have found my reason to get up in the morning no longer lies with social media, but with the connection to my son that is one of the most important parts of my life. If you need help breaking this addiction, leave a comment or like this post. I will be writing about how I found the strength and give you some tips, so stay tuned!


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